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Creamy Mushroom Soup with Leeks, Pancetta and Farro

I don’t know why I’ve never made homemade mushroom soup before. I always thought it would be more complicated than it actually is. I wanted soup with a little more zhush. I don’t always need to be extra, but sometimes, I just want a little more….something. Enter pancetta….. Creamy and […]


Guinness Shepard’s Pie Topped With Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes With Horseradish

Good morning Darlings, Even though I’m from good Irish/English/Scottish/Welsh stock, I never loved Guinness.  I would daintily wrinkle my nose and decline.  Until… Mr. Magilla and I took a trip to Scotland and Ireland in 2015 for our honeymoon. The first leg of our trip was in Ireland and we […]