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Side Dish, Vegetables

Sautéed Green Beans with Gorgonzola and Toasted Panko

Saturday night we had our one of our favorite dinners, Roast Chicken with Honey and Lemon and a salad. I didn’t want a heavy side like stuffing or pasta and I was craving fresh vegetables. Bless Magilla, in addition to being my primary recipe tester, he knows when I’m in […]


Truffled Croutons

Today I’m making one of our favorite dinners here at Chez Magilla, Roast Chicken with Honey and Lemon and what goes better with a classic roast chicken than a simple fresh salad? And what goes better with a nice salad than….croutons! I hate wasting food. I had a stale loaf of […]


Salmon with Lentil and Apricot Rice

My New Year’s resolution was to revisit the things I didn’t like in childhood. I’ve learned that I like hard boiled eggs, but hate (read as I will run screaming and as if I’ve been physically assaulted by a spider) runny yolks.  I’ve learned that I could eat chicken biryani […]