Bonjour. Güten Tag. Buenos Dìas. Oh Heyyyyyyyyy.

Good morning Darlings,

I’ve been batting around the idea of a cooking blog since….I honestly can’t remember when.  It’s been that long.  I’ve hesitated (stalled) due to a myriad of reasons including family illness, losing my father, a bad attitude for about 13 months and some insecurity.  What if it’s boring?  What if my recipes fall flat?  What if I am actually a complete jerk?  What if the things that I love are actually icky to normal people?  What if I can’t quantify the fat content and caloric intake?

I’ve mustered up my pluck and swatted away those negative notions like a moody kitten.

Cilantro…no    Anchovies….no        Mushrooms….no

I’m going to have some fails and I will most likely document them.  I will fall on my face and probably have a cake that looks like a pancake.  I could hide this, but I love the journey and I love to cook.

I j’adore the talents of Ina Garten and Julia Child, Nigella (you gorgeous creature) Lawson, and even on occasion, Gordon Ramsey.  He’s brilliant and I think his simplicity, when he’s not performing, is his genius.   I come from a long line of brilliant and inventive home cooks who show their love, not always through their words, but through their food.  Our hearts and souls and loves and passions and hopes are poured into those family meals and that little extra bit of love (spoon licking) is evident in the laughter at the dinner table.  I do this to honor my father and my grandmother and my great grandmother and all those who love to give love.

I also have a guinea pig, HUSBAND, I MEANT HUSBAND, who is my main test subject.  His name is Magilla.  You may or may not know him from another incarnation of my writing.  My mother follows up as a close second in the kitchen testing department, but she’s obligated to love all my stuff.

So welcome.  I’m so happy you’re here.

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