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Roast Duck with Za’taar and Cognac

Za’Taar is a terrific spice blend used in a lot of Middle Eastern cooking.  It can range from spicy to mild and in this recipe I used mild.  I ordered mine from Amazon.  Amazon Za’taar

This recipe takes about 25 minutes for a half duck. (D’Artagnan makes a half a duck.)


1 half duck

2 teaspoons of Za’taar spice – crushed

2 teaspoons of fresh mint – finely chopped

olive oil

orange sauce (comes in package with duck)

2 tablespoons of cognac


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Rub Za’taar and mint into the skin of the duck.  Sprinkle with olive oil

Bake for 20 minutes in a heavy pan

Microwave orange sauce for 2 minutes on high, stirring halfway through.  Mix in cognac.

Pour sauce over duck and cook for two more minutes

Let rest for 5 minutes, carve and serve with Middle Eastern Panzanella





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