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Spiralized Yellow Squash with Orange Juice and Honey

Four. Four ingredients!

Get out your spiralizing doodad and have some fun.

PS: I will never be that person that tells you that this or any other vegetable tastes like pasta. It’s safe here. You’re amongst friends.

We’re also far enough along in this venture (I’m so happy you’re here) to tell you that I don’t always measure and will use terms like sploosh, dollop, smidge and the like.


2 – 3 yellow squash

Olive oil


Orange Juice


Spiral the squash. Heat a small amount of olive oil until in shimmers. Make a spiral of honey in the bottom of the pan and add the squash. Cook for one minute. Give it a stir and add another sploosh of honey.

Stir again to mix and add a generous splash of orange juice. This provides the liquid the squash needs to cook properly.

Cook about 5 minutes until just tender.

Magilla rating: 8

Mom rating: 10. I’m beginning to question her impartiality. 🤔


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